Immediate question asked were “What is that?” and “What does it mean”?

You dont have money?

Are you spy?

Why you are doing that?

Why you losing your time? No one would buy them!

The empty nylon on a wheelbarrow accompanied by a girl as a seller created discussions and on going questions and talks. Some just asked what is it… some talked for longer and interpreted their view, some relevant some not… some came and stood in front of wheelbarrow, some just ignored and passed.

Discussing the empty nylons led the people in Bazar to think what they cannot buy. Perhaps they discussed things one cannot buy with money or find in the bare streets and crowded bazars of Kabul. Things that the people have been sacrificed to achieve it, to receive it, to have it – good leaders… security… love among people… finding a fine job… and much more…

There are needs and desire to things that one cannot buy. But it’s gifted! It’s given! It’s secured! It’s provided! Collectively!

Among them, an old man expressed his desire for education, which he was never able to get it the in past. Another elder man recited a poem for me and bought two of my empty-nylons for 10 Afghani and told me

“I never found the things that I wished for… hope you find what you wish for…”