It is only for your safety!


I saw a man in Berlin. He was from my homeland Afghanistan and from his behavior, I  could see that he was a conservative man. He wouldn't talk to me or look at me because I didn't wear a headscarf and I was an Afghani girl. If we met in this form in Kabul he would definitely swear or shout at me or even try to kill me. But here in Germany, rules are so strict that even this conservative man was aware of them and could not tell me anything bad.


I tried to talk to him because he needed help. He needed to fill in a form but because he was not educated he was not able to do it. Actually, I didn't want to help him. I wanted to help him to indirectly tell him: you and people like you bother me a lot back in Kabul; you sexually harass me or even try to rape me — but I am not like you, I will help you. I thought that in this way I could actually insult him.


I didn't want to take care of his situation. But yes, he was in a really bad situation. The German police took all of his belongings. He only had one pair of shoes, jeans and a jacket; no bag, no passport, no mobile phone or money. Instead, he had a green paper wrist band on his left hand with a number. The number was given to him so he could stay in Germany without anything until he would receive his passport back and be sent back home. Once he would get the passport he could finally put away the paper wrist band.


But Afghan people usually use the left hand to clean their ass. Washing ass and hands are really important in Afghanistan. When you pray you must wash your ass. But because of this wrist band, he was not able to do any of these things. If the band would get wet, he feared that the German police would punish him worse than God.


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