Body Parts


I always walked close to the corner, when I walked through the streets of Kabul. Even if I was with my best friend. I used to be in a corner and send my friend to walk from that side of the alley which was close to the street. She didn’t understand why I am doing that but I had in my mind that if I am being a bit in the corner and if something happens then I am in the corner and nothing will happen to me.

I am save.

When I was with my very very close friend. We talked about who should have sit in the middle seat of the bus or taxi. We thought, if one bomb explodes outside of the bus or taxi he or she which sit close to the window would be injured and the one sitting in the middle will be saved.

Note :

Almost every day we have a suicide attack and bomb blast in Afghanistan. As of January 2015: 92,000 people have been killed in Afghanistan since 2001. More than 26,000 of those killed have been civilians. Nearly 100,000 people have been injured since 2001.( of war/costs/human/civilians/Afghan )But people don't stop living their life.They are going outside to learn, make money, go shopping, bringing food home, going to wedding parties, going to meet friends, walking and drinking tea. Although, when you go outside you are not sure if you will come back home or not!? Maybe you die or maybe you lose a part of your body in between because of suicide attack and bomb blast. But nobody is afraid of that and just keep going outside of the home to live.

When I saw a part of a body somewhere in the street after a bomb blast or suicide attack the big question for me was: Where these dead parts of the body will be going? When the cleaner of streets take them away - what happens to them? When lips, nose, ears, and hands lose their man what is happening to them? We know all about the story of a man. The man who lost a part of his body, he would be on Earth and try hard to go on with his life. It is really hard for them to go on without lips, hands, feet or ears but still, they try hard to live.

The question is what happened to all of those dead parts of the body? They also will suffer life? I imagine that all dead parts of the human body after been separated from their owner, they traveled somewhere. They moved to somewhere and made a peaceful life for themselves. I thought they travel to the moon because this is the most logical way. logically, the moon is the only place which they can make another life because you can find air and probably water.

In a new place, all parts of the body beside of a peaceful and calm life they have been talking about their past life sometimes and some time about the problems which they have been experiencing somewhere or had on earth. If you go through headphone you will be able to hear them.

Actually, some of them are talking about past life and ex-owner which they had. Some of them still are not satisfied with living ‘somewhere’. Although I also don't know where they go. Maybe moon maybe somewhere else. Some of them thought that this is paradise and some thought this is the moon. Who cares about the place. Let's go through their conversations.

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