It was my first time in Afghan Parlament. I have been attending as one of the Protesters. We did protest because one Mullah under Drumhead court-martial stoned a girl in Ghazni. We wanted to ask why the government doesn’t care about these kinds of issues? Because it was not for the first time. We had too many other examples in another provinces of Afghanistan. Such execution in Parwan, a hanging woman in Kunduz, execution and stoning women in Ghor province, and so on. In addition to stoning, amputation of ears and nose with violence such as we are facing in various parts of the country. This field Of punishment often held in areas that the government does not control.

Outside of parliament house was very warm but inside of the Parliament House, the temperature was average. We were a few people that could come inside of the Parlament house. Other Protesters was still waiting outside.

The house was beautiful and comfortable which I have never seen before in Afghanistan. They had comfortable chairs and beautiful carpet. In the corridor, I met some members of the government whom I only saw on television. I had a few information about them.

X was the prominent leader on Jihad time in Afghanistan. He was the one who made a big disaster in Afshar and killed lots of Hazara people. Afshar is a zone in Kabul which had a lot of casualties during 1992/96. The Y was a leader of Hazara people which he also has been killing, a lot Pashtuns and Tajik and he has four women at the moment.

I was thinking about how we are going to talk to them. Killing is in their curriculum vitae and when he has four women how they are going to understand women rights?I gave up at that time. Have been complaining about the situation with my friend but he said to me: 'we are supposed to talk with someone else, not them.'

I feel a bit of hope, but when we entered the conference room, I saw the whom which was worse than X and Y. I don't have any idea about what I am going to do and didn’t want to waste my time there anymore.