What if it hurts?

I start this paper by telling a short story.

I was buying my self a portion of Indian food in an Indian restaurant at one of the shopping centers of Bremen, Germany. While I was on the paying line, a German mother with her teenage son showed up behind me. The mother seemed very pissed off. They discussed for a while and then the mother with a soft furiousness said to his son.

"Sprichst du Deutsch order chinesisch? Heute Kann ich nicht dir verstehen. "( Are you speaking German or Chinese? Today I cannot understand you)

Could I phrase that sentence as jock, which does not have anything to do with the racism? Well, the act of that angry mother is not that provocative in comparison to what for instance, the French government does to refugees. When they offer two ways of surviving for refugees like going back to their own country, or they have to go to other war zones for military training and making France safe. For instance, this is a very controversial topic to discuss and talk.

What I am phrasing on with that story is. Is it essential to talk about not enough stimulant stuff in comparison to controversial issues? Is it essential to consider those facts and invest time and effort toward them? Should I stay calm with the story of the angry mother and not consider it as unusual behavior and talk about it? I believe in "taking easy" game, but what if it hurts over and over? However, after surrounding by so many "not highly provocative behavior," I realize even "not highly provocative behavior" seems very problematic and creating such invisible violent which hurts so much. With this intention, I refer to two exhibitions with each other to question "not highly provocative behavior and act" in the art sphere.

In 07.07.2018 there was an exhibition in Kunsthalle, Bremen, Germany with the title of "What is love?" Kunsthalle Bremen attempt to create a sort of picture about love with their archive and having tinder as a collaborator...

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