I do not talk about victim-use in-terms of terminology or in the frame of any rational thoughts instead creating a sort of sketch which comes out while writing this text for presenting a form of presentation or human advertising skills. So to say explore a form of "present" by trying to understand victim-use.

It was at 2 a.m on Saturday night. I was sitting on the bus, intentionally heard a conversation.

She said: I am unfortunate today. I do not feel okay.
He said: What is wrong?
She said: I remember 9/11. Poor people!

Then they start making love...

I come up with the "victim use" theme while listing to their conversation without thinking if that makes any sense. Necessarily, none of them count as victim in that specific circumstance. It was Saturday night, they were drunk and not being in the comfort zone of hooking up situation. But why they have to come out with such a topic? Why 9/11 catastrophe in NY made people talk about it decades later on Saturday night in Bremen while they are out of their mind and in need to fuck each other?

A victim could reach a high level of visibility depending on the condition and how high is the desire for being seen. Soon someone takes the victim position. It means they may try to change the fact and attempting to guide the situation somewhere else due to lack of cards, power or source.
Moreover, this act might mean: It is the start of another project which shapes up by a victim or a loser! Which no one knows what is going on.
In the Victimhood project. Some gain what they want to gain,...

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